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From 11th till 15th of April 2011, the teaching workshop “Genomics with elements of bioinformatics” took place at the European Faculty of Engineering.

The event was organized for all 1st and 2nd year EFE students. The workshop was held jointly by Dr. Tomasz Zemojtel from Dept. of Computational Molecular Biology at Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin and Dr. Magdalena Zabochnicka-Świątek from Institute of Environmental Engineering at TUCz.

The enclosed list of workskhop subjects (link to workshop’s programme) included the thematic areas specified in the curricula of „Biology and Ecology/Environmental Protection”. A new element of the workshop was the multidisciplinary approach to the area of genomics, which allowed for integration of complementary knowledge from genetics, biology and bioinformatics. Moreover, an interactive form of the workshop allowed students to acquire a hands-on-experience in using bioinformatics tools for genomics.

The workshop was executed in a computer laboratory and it was composed of 25 hours of lectures and tutorials for the 1st year students as a part of „Biology and Ecology/Environmental Protection I” course; and 15 hours of lectures for the 2nd year students as a part of „Biology and Ecology/Environmental Protection III” course. All of the contents presented during the lecture was complemented by case studies that were solved by the participants on individual bases. The particularly interesting form of teaching were the 10 hours of computer lab for the 1st year students during which the participants could get acquainted with bioinformatics tools  available in the internet (the so called web-servers).

At the end, a written test took place on 15th of April, which was intended to verify the absorption of the workshop contents by EFE students. The workshop will have its final effect in modification of „Biology and Ecology/Environmental Protection” teaching programme, which will be done by Dr M. Zabochnicka-Świątek. Further information about the workshop including the lecturer’s profile and workshop’s programme can be found by following the links (workshop programme for 1st year EFE students, workshop programme for 2nd year EFE students,  photo gallery).


Dr M. Zabochnicka – Świątek

Dr E. Moryń – Kucharczyk

Prof. S. Drobniak


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