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On  the 27th September 2011 at the European Faculty of Engineering the second Seminar devoted to presentation of students projects  was held. The seminar was organized for students of 2nd year of all teaching profiles of EFE, who presented results obtained during the 4th semester specializing projects. The Seminar programme contained  5 presentations (see Seminar  programme).  Projects were presented by the following students:


  1. Barbara Robak – student of  IE teaching profile,
  2. Anita Rygał - student of  BI teaching profile,
  3. Marta Zyskowska – student of  BI teaching profile,
  4. Katarzyna Just i Marta Pustuł – students  of  BT teaching profile,
  5. Kamil Kościuch – student of  CMS teaching profile

Małgorzata Łukasik, student of BT profile could not participate in the Seminar, her project will be evaluated later. Each presentation was followed by the evaluation of the project contents presented by project supervisor, then the questions time  followed, which enabled students to answer questions asked by memebers of Evaluation Jury. Evaluation Jury was as follows:

  1. Dr inż. E. Moryń – Kucharczyk, deputy Director of EFE and Seminar chair,
  2. Prof. S. Drobniak –  Director of EFE,
  3. Prof. R. Sekret  –  IE profile coordinator and project supervisor
  4. Prof. P. Pachura  –  BT profile coordinator and supervisor of three projects
  5. Dr M. Zabochnicka-Świątek –  BT profile coordinator and supervisor of two projects
  6. Dr D. Asendrych -  CMS profile coordinator and project supervisor

All multimedia presentations were delivered in English and the final grade reflected both the evaluation of project results, given by project supervisor  as well as the the grade for the presentation quality, evaluated by Jury. Members of  Evaluation Jury not only were asking questions concerning the contents of the project but also pointed out the deficiencies of presentations and indicated possible ways for future improvements. After the completion of Seminar the evaluation meeting took place and members of  Evaluation Jury agreed on the grades which are given in the separate link (project scores).

Members of  Evaluation Jury formulated the following conclusions:

  1. EFE students presented a very good proficiency in English, which allowed them for fluent presentation and efficient discussion, the active participation and determination of students was also pointed out, that allowed to achieve interesting and valuable results, nicely presented during the Seminar


  1. The outcomes of the Seminar clearly revealed, that projects are an important part of profiling the students knowledge that in turn  enables students to become familiar with most important issues concerning their future specialization


  1. The experience gained so far indicates that  project  seminars motivate students to improve not only their knowledge but  also helps students to learn the more efficient means of presenting their knowledge,


  1. Evaluation Jury pointed out the engagement of students which resulted in valuable results presented during the seminar, the Jury decided to grant a distinction to Katarzyna Just and Marta Pustuł, students of BT profile who presented their project in a novel and interesting way,


Seminar was also attended by two students from University of Cartagena (Spain):

  1. Andrés Mendoza Cos
  2. Francisco Pardo Ruiz

who perform their exchange study semester within the LLP – ERASMUS programme.

More information about the seminar, summary of grades  as well as project  presentations may be found at the following links (seminar  programme, project scores, presentations, photo gallery)

Dr E. Moryń – Kucharczyk

Prof. S. Drobniak





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