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The inaugurating meeting for students beginning their studies at EFE was held on Friday 30th September 2011 in room B5 at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. The meeting started at 1215 and was  chaired by EFE directors - Dr Elżbieta Moryń – Kucharczyk  and Prof. Stanisław Drobniak.

Meeting was attended by 16 students starting their EFE studies, who had the opportunity to  meet  tutors of particular courses:

  • dr. Dariusz Asendrych (Computer Modelling and Simulation - CMS),
  • Prof. Piotr Pachura (Bussines and Technology - BT),
  • dr. Magdalena Zabochnicka-Światek (Biotechnology for Environmental Protection - BI).

Meeting was also attended by students participating in   LLP – ERASMUS exchange programme. Andrés Mendoza Cos and Francisco Pardo Ruiz from Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain) as well as oraz  Szabolcs Lukacs from  Budapest University of Technology and Economics will study courses of all three years of  EFE programme.

Tutors presented the characteristics of their courses as well as employment perspectives. Prof. Stanisław Drobniak presented the teaching scheme developed at EFE, then freshers had the opportunity to present themselves both to their colleagues and to teaching staff and to explain their motivation for entering EFE studies. The dominant motivation was the interest in English as the teaching language and the better employment perspectives.

Prof. Małgorzata Klimek who is responsible for courses in Mathematics presented the requirements which must be fulfilled by students. Then Dr E. Moryń – Kucharczyk presented students the "Information package for students entering EFE" prepared  by EFE staff and discussed the study plan and organisation of academic year.

In the 2011 / 2012 academic year 22 students were admitted, among them there are 5 students from United States, Jordan and Emirates. EFE studies not only grow in number but also due to the presence of students from other countries create an international dimension of the studies.

We wish all of our students success in studying and satisfaction from choosing EFE

Dr E. Moryń – Kucharczyk

Prof. S. Drobniak

(link to 1st year  EFE students, photo gallery)




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