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Dear Students,
I have a pleasure to announce that EFE student of the 3rd year Marta Pustuł, known so far as the author of relations from EFE events published at our webpage became a “real” writer. Marta has published a book  „Blue Drink”, which is much more than a relation from holidays in Tunesia. Marta has a very good and vivid style, she also is a gifted observer of human characters. The book is very well written, the subject and language fit the present trends of your generation, so please encouraged to read it. It is certainly worthwhile to contact the Author not only to congratulate but also to ask where you can get a copy. The additional encouragement is the cover page of the book, which presents photos of Marta - the Author and Ada - the author of pictures (Blue Drink). Congratulations for Author.
Prof. S. Drobniak


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