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Dr Marcin Sitek

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Faculty of Management

Division of Microeconomics, Investments and Property

Armii Krajowej 19

42-200 Częstochowa

Room 31/ D.S.4, tel: 34 32 50 447


Dr Sitek’s scholarly research interests include economic aspects of making investments in property business. Taking into consideration the general economic determinants, he analyses strategies and investment policy, the specificity of property investment as well as risks and effectiveness involved in these endeavors. Moreover, he studies the contribution of the banking sector to the development of the property market and also deals with the problems of evaluation and measurement of the effectiveness of financing property investments by the banking sector as well as the management of this market. He has published widely on the above topics, including his doctoral dissertation, 26 publications and a number of papers delivered at the national and international conferences. He has also published two monographs, in which he investigated the role of the banking sector on the property market as well as the cooperation of different business entities on this market.

He also lectures on the functioning of property market, valuation of real estates and investments on the capital market to Bachelor and Master degree students.


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