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From 05th to 09rd March  2012 at the European Faculty of Engineering the teaching workshop  “English Communication Skills in the Field of Energy” was performed.

The workshop was organized for students of 1st year of all EFE profiles. Workshop was organized jointly by Prof. Michael O’Connor from University of Angers Institute of Technology (France) together with  Zofia Sobańska MSc and  Marian Gałkowski MSc from the University Centre of Foreign Langauages   TUCz. The enclosed list of workshop subjects (link workshop programme) contains the subject areas specified in the curricula of „English Language” specified for „Mechanical Engineering”, “Management of Production Processes” and „Environmental Engineering”. The problems dealt with at the workshop include mastering of practical language skills, with special reference to nomenclature from the field of energy – environment relations, the new element was introduction to Moodle platform. The workshop contained 30 hours of  tutorials and practicals,  followed by seminar of students presentations intended to verify the absorption of the workshop contents by EFE  students. The workshop will have its final effect in modification of „ English Communication Skills” teaching programme, which will be done by   Zofia Sobańska MSc and  Marian Gałkowski MSc from the University Centre of Foreign Langauages  TUCz. Further information about the workshop may be found in the following links (Prof. Michael O’Connor, workshop programme, photo gallery)


Dr E. Moryń – Kucharczyk

Prof. S. Drobniak



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