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From 28th to 30th May  2012 at the European Faculty of Engineering  the training workshop    „ Management of Sustainable Development in Energy Supply and Consumption” was organized

The workshop was aimed at  students of all EFE profiles, these were additional classes for volunteers,  taught on top of basic courses. Workshop was chaired by Prof. Jozef M. Pacyna z Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU),  Dr Piotr Grzybowski from  Faculty of Environmental Engineering, CzUT was workshop Co – Chair.  The workshop programme covered  the subject areas related to all forms of renewable energy and their role in environment protection, the details may be found in the link enclosed (see link workshop programme).   The course was extremely intense, classes lasted 10 hours per day, which no doubt was a huge teaching load. The novel element of the workshop was the presentation of a Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) and its engagement in renewable energy use and  environmental protection. At the end of the workshop Prof. Herricos Stapountzis  has proposed projects for students, these were prepared at home and sent to lecturer for evaluation. The course material covered all the novel aspects of renewables and we hope that skills learned will be useful in their professional careers. At the end certificates were given to course participants.  Further information about the lecturer and the workshop may be found in the following links (see links about the lecturer, photo gallery)


Prof. S. Drobniak

Dr E. Moryń – Kucharczyk


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