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Academic year: 2017/18

semester I
 I.7. Management2L
[2 ECTS]
 I.1. Engineering Design I 1L, 3Lab [6 ECTS]
 I.6. Chemistry 2LE, 2T [6 ECTS]
 I.2. Engineering Physics-Mechanics I 2LE, 2T [6 ECTS]
 I.3. Mathematics  I 3LE, 2T [6 ECTS]
 I.4. Computer science 1L, 1T [2 ECTS]
 I.5. Communication skills 4T [2 ECTS]
semester II 
 II.3. Engineering Physics-Electromagnetism 2L, 1T [4 ECTS]
 II.2. Engineering Design II – CAD 1LE, 3Lab [6 ECTS]
 II.1. Biology, Ecology and Environmental Protection I 1L, 1T, 2Lab [5 ECTS]
 II.5. Engineering Physics-Mechanics II 2LE, 2T [6 ECTS]
 II.6. Mathematics  II 3L, 2T [6 ECTS]
 II.7. Sports 2T [1 ECTS]
 II.8. Communication skills 4T [2 ECTS]
semester III  
 III.7 Project 3P (BI)/ 3P (IE) [4 ECTS]
 III.10. Micro- and Macro Economics  I 2L, 1T [3 ECTS]
 III.8. Earth Science and Hydrology 2L [2 ECTS]
 III.9. Civil Engineering 1L, 1P [2 ECTS]
 III.1. Biology, Ecology and Environmental Protection II 1L, 2T [3 ECTS]
 III.3. Engineering Design III - Materials 2LE, 1T, 2Lab [6 ECTS]
 III.4. Engineering Physics-Mechanics III 2LE, 1T, 1Lab [6 ECTS]
 III.11. Introduction to numerical methods 1L, 1Lab [3 ECTS]
 III.6. Sports 2T [1 ECTS]
semester IV
 IV.6. Project 3P (BI)/ 3P (IE) [3 ECTS]
 IV.8. Engineering Costing 2L, 1T [3 ECTS]
 IV.7. Micro- and  Macro Economics  II 2LE, 1T [3 ECTS]
 IV.9. Commercial Law 2L [2 ECTS]
 IV.2. Electrical Design 2LE, 1Lab [4 ECTS]
 IV.3. Automatic Control and Robots 2L, 1Lab [3 ECTS]
 IV.4. Engineering Metrology 1L, 1Lab [2 ECTS]
 IV.1. Biology, Ecology and Environmental Protection III 1L, 2T [3 ECTS]
 IV.5. Engineering Physics - Fluid Mechanics 2LE, 1T, 1Lab [5 ECTS]
 Industrial Internship 4 weeks [2 ECTS]
semester V
 V.3. Project 5P (BI)/ 5P (IE) [6 ECTS]
 V.11. Heat and Mass Transfer 2LE, 1T [4 ECTS]
 V.5. Quality and Safety Management 2L [3 ECTS]
 V.8. Soil science and recultivation 2LE, 2Lab [5 ECTS]
 V.9. Sanitary and gas systems 1L, 1T, 1P [4 ECTS]
 V.10. Technology of water and wastewater treatment 1L, 2Lab [3 ECTS]
 V.4. Management of Waste 2L, 2Lab [5 ECTS]
semester VI
 VI.9. Modelling of Environmental Hazards 3Lab [4 ECTS]
 VI.10. Bioremediation 1L, 1T [3 ECTS]
 VI.11. Water Management and Protection 1L, 1T [3 ECTS]
 VI.1. Management of the Mmachines Exploitation 1L, 1T [2 ECTS]
 VI.2. Procedures for Obtaining Quality Marks 1L, 1T [2 ECTS]
 VI.3. Optimization Methods 2L, 1Lab [3 ECTS]
 VI.4. Mathematics III - statistics 2L, 1T [4 ECTS]
 VI.5. Engineering Physics – Thermodynamics 2L, 1T, 1Lab [5 ECTS]
 VI.6. Engineering Physics-Wave Optics and Contemporary  Physics 2L, 1Lab [4 ECTS]
semester VII
 VII.7. BSc Diploma Thesis  [15 ECTS]
 VII.3. Logistics in Enterprise 2L [2 ECTS]
 VII.4. Marketing 2L [2 ECTS]
 VII.10. HVAC 2LE, 2T [5 ECTS]
 VII.5. Protection of Atmosphere 2L, 2T [4 ECTS]
 VII.13. Diploma Seminar 1S [1 ECTS]
 VII.14. Intellectual Property Rights 1L [1 ECTS]

L - Lecture
LE - Lecture with exam
T - Tutorials
Lab - Laboratory


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