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In the current academic year, another group of students is visiting our University in the framework of ERASMUS+ programme and taking part in selected courses of EFE. There are 8 students from University Alba Iulia (Romania), 3 students from University Nigde (Turkey), 3 students from University Bilecik (Turkey) and 2 students from University Veliko Turbovo (Bulgary).

Also 3rd year students of EFE are spending their mobility semester at foreign universities:

  1. VŠB Technical University of Ostrava in Czech Republik (Adam Basik, Krzysztof Chrząszczyk, Krystian Korycki i Damian Szaliński),
  2. Technical University of Creete in Greece (Jarosław Kocela, Roksana Kocela i Bartosz Płoszaj),
  3. Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten in Germany (Michał Sharma i Sebastian Tyrek).

For all the students we wish good luck and memorable experiences during the stay at the selected partner universities of Częstochowa University of Technology!


Dr Elżbieta Moryń-Kucharczyk

Dr Maciej Marek


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