The defence of BSc Theses in 2015 Print

On 31.01.2015 two students of BI course - Joanna Hebel and Hanna Tittenbrun - and one student of IE course – Daniel Kawczyński – have defended their BSc theses at Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology. For details see links: BSc Diploma Theses–BI_IE and photo gallery-BI_IE.


The students of CMS course – Patryk Kopeć, Karol Romański, Sylwia Sikora and Magdalena Trzcionka – have defended their theses on 04.02.2015 at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. For details see links: BSc Diploma Theses–CMS and photo gallery-CMS.


At Faculty of Management the defence of BSc theses took place on 05.02.2015 for two students of BT course: Tomasz Suchecki and Dorota Urbanik. For details see links: BSc Diploma Theses–BT and photo gallery-BT.


We are happy to announce that all the students finished their studies with the excellent mark. Congratulations for the new graduates of EFE!


Dr Elżbieta Moryń-Kucharczyk

Dr Maciej Marek